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Oyster Festival is back at Sean's Kitchen.

August is the month of the oyster and following on from 2016's hugely popular Oyster Festival the team at Sean's are bringing it back with a delicious and exciting new menu including: brand new shuckingly good dishes, cocktails and unmissable Master Class experiences.

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Check out everything Oyster Festival 2017 has to offer below:

Oyster Happy Hour

It’s Oyster Hour twice a day, every day throughout August in Sean’s Kitchen

$1 Oysters, 12–1pm and 5-6pm every day during Oyster Festival

Oyster Flags

Sean’s Kitchen is proud to showcase oysters from all over South Australia for the 2017 Oyster Festival. 

South Australian farms produce high quality oysters, recognised globally for their creamy texture, fresh sea smell, pearly white inner shell and distinctive frilled exterior along with a high meat to shell ratio.

Smoky Bay Oysters

The waters of Smoky Bay are fed by the cool nutrient rich waters of the Southern Ocean, giving freshly harvested oysters a  wonderful flavour and presentation. Oysters from Smoky Bay are renowned globally for their “Sweet Ocean” taste.

Coffin Bay Oysters

Coffin Bay is the premier oyster growing region in South Australia. Oysters produced here are known for their quality, flavour and size, largely due to the waterways surrounding Coffin Bay which are constantly being nourished with nutrient enriched seawater, welling up from the Southern Ocean. 

Kangaroo Island Premium Oysters from Kangaroo Island Shellfish

Kangaroo Island is well-known for its clean, green environment including high-quality pristine waters. Oysters grown in this region are known for their size, quality and distinctly sweet yet salty flavour. 

Cowell Oysters

A thriving oyster industry has been established in Franklin Harbour, which is located in Cowell.

The clean, sheltered water in this area provides an excellent environment for aquaculture, and the Pacific Oyster grown locally are recognised as some of the highest quality in the world.


Smoked Toffee Cocktail

Orange juice, Laphroaig, Pedro’s Sherry, Egg White.

Master Classes

Enjoy four courses of oyster-inspired canapes matched perfectly to beverages, while you learn all about the beauty of oysters.

Whisky & Champagne Master Classes will be held in the attic at Sean’s Kitchen.

Whisky & Oyster Masterclass

15th August

Champagne & Oyster Masterclass

30th August 

For bookings call +61 8 8218 4244